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Frequently Asked Questions

In the music business, it means that the owner or producer of the song allows you (or whoever wants the license) some limited rights to use the beat, recordings, sales, radio plays, streaming, and commercial use etc. You will never own the beat, the producer does. The producer let you use the beat, but the producer also can allow more people to use the same beat because the producer is the owner of the beat. You will never own the beat by licensing beats, only if you can get the Exclusive Rights of it.

Your use of a non-exclusive beat will variate according to the non-exclusive license you decide to purchase. We have 4 types of non-exclusive licenses! All non-exclusive licenses are perfect for any creative purpose such as recording. The only difference between an exclusive license and a non-exclusive license is the ownership of the beat. If the beat has not been leased exclusively, it’s copyright owner (the producer) can rent the beat to an unlimited amount of customers until the beat is sold exclusively. The above table will guide you throughout your license choice.

No. All purchases made from us are non-exclusive. This means that TheTomcatMind Beats still owns the rights and we will still be able to license it to other artists.

You can pay using a Credit/Debit card or Paypal. Thus all payments will be managed automatically without the need for manual checks.

The price is in USD Dollars, but dont worry.

Player and Beats are managed through the BeatStars platform, a US company. That is why you will find the Beat Player and the following steps in English, in addition to having the dollar as a currency. If you pay with your PayPal account, PayPal will convert dollars to your currency automatically, depending on the exchange rate in effect at the time. If you pay with a credit card, the PayPal platform will offer you your own currency conversion (RECOMMENDED) or you can choose to pay directly in dollars with your card (this option is NOT RECOMMENDED since depending on the bank that issued your card they can charge fees considerably elevated).

Yes. Once the beat is purchased, you will receive the untagged files. So the MP3/WAV or the Tracked out WAV stems will be without the TheTomcatMind voicetag.

Yes, you can upgrade your license to any higher license type if exclusive rights are still available and have not been sold yet. If exclusive rights have already been sold to the beat(s), and are no longer available, you can still upgrade your non-exclusive license to a higher non-exclusive license at any time!

You only need to go to the License Upgrade tab and fill out the form, as for license upgrades, we will credit the amount you have already paid, and deduct it from the price for the desired license.

Having Track Out is ideal for mixing and recording at a studio.You can not only edit the structure to suit your song as you want but also is the best option when mixing and getting a more professional sound.

In the exclusive licenses the rights are distributed50% for you and 50% TheTomcatMind.

In the Basic, Standard and Premium licenses TheTomcatMind owns 100% of the rights.

Publishing rights do not affect digital sales at all, but rather affect physical sales, which is generated in platforms such as SGAE, ASCAP, BMI, etc. Therefore when the exclusive license says “50% publication rights” means that, in addition to what you earn with digital sales, you can earn half of what you generate on the platforms mentioned above, which does not happen with the other licenses (in non-exclusive licenses your percentage of publication rights is 0%)

To monetize you need one of the following licenses: PremiumUnlimited or Exclusive

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Basic and Standard Licenses can’t be monetized

“Premium”, “Unlimited” or “Exclusive” license, please send a mail to [email protected] including your full name, link(s) to the corresponding video(s) and email address used for the purchase.  Once received the mail we will contact the “Content ID” manager to withdraw this claim and restore monetization for your video within the next 24 hours.

Do you want to make money with your Youtube video? : Then you need the “Professional”, “Unlimited” or “Exclusive” License. Basic and Standard licenses do not qualify for monetization. To prevent the use of the instrumentals on Youtube without their corresponding license, all the beats are housed in a manager of “Content ID”.

What Youtube´s “Content ID” does is scan youtube videos for audio material produced by TheTomcatMind and automatically sends a copyright claim, which blocks your videos from monetization temporarily. This claim is more a notification and will NOT harm your channel or video, nor does it force you to take down the video(s), the only thing it does, is disable the monetization option temporarily. Your video will keep playing without any other limitations.

Anyone using free downloads and tagged demo downloads in videos on youtube can ignore this copyright notification as it doesn’t stop your video from playing and monetization wouldn’t be allowed for non-licensed beats at all (if monetization is desired, you can purchase a “Professional” rights license or higher if beat is still available).

This is the exact message you might receive: Due to a copyright claim, you are no longer monetizing the following YouTube video. It is still playable on YouTube, but the copyright owner could choose to show ads on it. It may therefore be possible that you receive a copyright claim on youtube videos, even if you own a “Professional”, “Unlimited” or “Exclusive” license. So, please follow these instructions:

IMPORTANT! If you have a “Professional”, “Unlimited” or “Exclusive” license, please send a mail to [email protected] including your full name, link(s) to the corresponding video(s) and email address used for the purchase.  Once received the mail we will contact the “Content ID” manager to withdraw this claim and restore monetization for your video within the next 24 hours.